selection of luminaire
type of illumination
light source
lower optical part
IP protection


Individual, 218mm wide, two lamp luminaires suitable for illumination of offices, representational areas, conference halls, receptions and shops. The luminaires can be assembled into lines or right-angled structures with the use of connectors. For easier electrical connection of the luminaires in structures we recommend ordering luminaires with two five-pole terminal blocks and through wiring.

Version with gimbal spot lights: Luminaires that combine the advantages of area lighting with spot lights. Linear T5 luminaires are fitted with two gimbal spots for metal halide discharge lamps, halogen lamps or LED spot light sources with a diameter of 111mm. Recommended metal halide discharge lamps POWERBALL HCI–R111 with output 20, 35 or 70W and a beam angle of 10°, 24° or 40°, halogen lamps HALOSPOT 111 with output 35, 50, 60, 75 or 100W, a beam angle of 4° to 40° and colour temperature 2800 to 3000K. The LED spot light sources can be chosen between 3000K or 4000K with a beam angle of 16° or 37°. Gimbals are adjustable in two axis in a range of ±20°. LAMBDA 218 K is supplied with five-pole terminal block and separate circuits for fluorescent lamps and spotlights. Parameters of metal halide discharge lamps, halogen lamps and LED spot light sources must be specified.