selection of luminaire
type of illumination
light source
lower optical part
IP protection


Universal modular luminaires designed for creating lines or structures with the use of connectors. This modular system is suitable for complex projects of conference and entrance halls, open space offices, reconstruction of old industrial buildings, representational areas, schools, corridors and shops. By using this modular system you are able to create lines or structures according to the needs of your project. Luminaires LINEA 80 M are designed for suspending or for direct mounting onto the ceiling. To achieve the effect of continuous, 76mm wide, evenly illuminated strip without dark spaces, the best is to use opal cover and overlapping fluorescent T5 lamps. Overlapping of lamps can be adjusted from 50 to 120mm to achieve required luminaire length. Overlapping at 90mm eliminates dark spaces. If high level of illumination with low glare and long continuous strip are required, the best solution is to use high efficiency louver 99 in combination with SEAMLESS T5 lamps.