selection of luminaire
type of illumination
light source
lower optical part
IP protection


Individual, 245mm wide, twin lamp luminaires suitable for direct illumination of corridors, offices, rooms and cells at police stations and prisons. Because of their mechanical durability the luminaires are also suitable for the illumination of underpasses and entrance halls of transportation buildings and exposed areas at schools. The luminaires were developed with respect to special requirements. The luminaires meet the following standards for police and prison facilities:

- The solid and robust body of the luminaire welded from 2mm thick steel sheet, absolutely smooth and without fissures, without surface or edge which would allow to grab and tear off the luminaire from the pad. Mechanical durability IK 10.

- The body of the luminaire fits tightly to the ceiling or wall without spaces for fingers, tools or rope.

- The optical part is made of a clear, 3mm thick, polycarbonate prismatic cover place in the luminaire steel cover. The steel cover is fixed to the luminaire with screws with special head therefore it is not possible to remove the optical part from the luminaire without a special key. Sealing between the steel cover and the body provides protection IP 54 and easy luminaire cleaning.

- The luminaire fits tightly to the ceiling and cannot be opened without a special tool. It is impossible to place or hide something in the luminaire or between the luminaire and the ceiling. Is it also impossible to have unauthorized access to the electrical part of the luminaire.