INGE Opava, spol. s r.o.


INGE Benefits
Global coverage
Dedication to customer requirements
High quality products
Innovative design for new product solutions and project savings
Joint responsibility for the environment

Products and Services
The intention of our company is to develop and produce technical interior and exterior lighting systems for commercial offi ces, business centers, schools and sport areas, industrial manufacturing plants and storages, transportation complexes, social, historical and ecclesiastical buildings and medical facilities.
A large part of our production program is to produce bespoke luminaries that are designed to specifi cally meet customer requirements. INGE has worked for many years with investors, architects, designers, building services engineering companies and distributors, both in the Czech Republic and foreign countries, to provide a wide range of assistance. Our company frequently exhibits at important trade fairs to meet individuals and companies who are interested in INGE products. Additionally, we organise seminars for experts.
INGE customers can access a dedicated and highly experienced team of product designers and manufacturing specialists ready to answer your questions right away. INGE engineers at our offices in Opava and Prague create lighting designs and calculations and assist clients with any technical questions.

Energy audit
INGE are prepared to assist with energy audits for your building or project. We are able to propose optimum lighting solutions, taking into account the maximum energy saving and functional cost, while meeting hygiene standards at the same time.

Operation and regulation of illumination
Current demand is for complex illumination of whole buildings. INGE is producing not only easily dimmable lighting, but also intricate computer-controlled systems. These detailed systems, which function with the help of computer-based software, are operated by signals received by time clocks, presence detectors and  photocells. They can also be controlled over the internet and can provide substantial savings for the customer.

The long-term strategy of our company is to be at the forefront of technological advances and innovative lighting design. During 2009 and 2010 we developed a new range of high effi ciency luminaires in cooperation with the Czech Lighting Association and the Technical University VŠB Ostrava. With an already extensive innovative product range we are planning to expand this further in the future, especially in LED technology.

Cooperation with world leaders
Only a combination of new technology and quality components will guarantee customers a long-lasting product. This is a rule that our company respects when developing and producing luminaries.
Lighting control systems and electronic ballasts from OSRAM, HELVAR and TRIDONIC allow generous guarantees on our products.

INGE participates in the implementation of interesting projects all over the world, especially those where high quality, innovative and low-cost illumination is required. INGE exports most of its production abroad. The company’s traditional business partners are customers from European Union countries as well as overseas countries. The company exports are constantly growing and reach 80% now. This would be impossible without high quality and fl exibility of production and supply.

Environmental protection
Protection of the environment is an important objective for INGE.
Luminaries are produced with dedication to the reduction of materials and energy. Every activity our company embarks upon is with consideration for environment from production to disposal of waste.
INGE is part of a network for gathering and recycling electronic and packing materials.





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